About Evie

Evernia experienced her first spirit visitation at age 3. From then on, her connection to the other side has continued to grow. As a child, she loved to spend time in nature and worked with the animals and trees ,creating magick. She is a born psychic, medium, and witch. Shamanic healing and work between the levels of consciousness, as well as different dimensions and timelines play a prominent role in Evernia’swork and life.

She incorporates tarot, bones (bones,curios, and ancestral trinkets), and direct messages from guides and spirits to bring guidance and deep insight into your life. Evernia will help you uncover pathways to understanding, drawing a deep and meaningful answer to thequestions you bring to your reading.

Evernia is trained and certified in numerous energy healing modalities, a reiki master, life coach, spiritual counselor, initiated witch and ordained metaphysical minister. She is expanding her journey and moving forward in her work by answering the calling to initiate as a Sangoma.