One-handed Wisdom

I missed Magickal Monday this week due to a ton of craziness. I moved into my own space so I can work with more people face to face and had a bunch of unexpected crap flung my way in the process. The biggest obstacle was thrown at me yesterday when I woke up to a painful and swollen hand. I’m right handed, and my right hand was barely useable. I had to try doing everything with my left hand.  I started with making my coffee. There is a lot more thinking and maneuvering involved using the opposite and untrained hand. Something easily done on a regular day took focus and concentration. Even getting dressed was a hassle. I went to the doctor (I rarely go to doctors and generally avoid them at all costs.) I found out that I have a fracture in my thumb, right at the joint. Now I have a cast on my hand. Getting anything done is a process, trying to figure out how to accomplish my task either with my left hand or using only my index and middle fingers. It gets frustrating and sometimes painful on my wrist.

This morning when I was doing my morning ritual work, psalms, and ancestral altars the catbird sat outside my window and started making the usual loud mewling squawk. The catbird has been following me everywhere lately. This particular one waits for me in the bushes every day. As I came to one particular altar the bird screeched and I heard, “you got it yet, Honey?” This was as I was trying to figure out how to maneuver a glass and a plate. I stopped for a minute.

Yup, I got it. Sometimes it’s too easy to get stuck on autopilot and do everything, whether mundane or important, in some version of a half-assed, glassy-eyed way while trying to juggle the chaos that could actually be sorted. When you even have to relearn how to brush your teeth, focus is essential. Every action becomes a thought process. You choose your focus, it’s one thing at a time. Solutions that you would never even think of start popping up and you realize that more can be done with two fingers than can be done with two working hands.


Magickal Monday: My Philosophy on Magickal Work

I was talking about my work this past weekend and the conversation brought words and thoughts to my head, creating an image of my philosophy about my place and my magick. Lately, I’ve been asked to do a lot of workings, some “positive” but many “negative.” I was sharing what work I’m doing on behalf of clients and I was met with some questions and responses that really brought out my philosophy. The conversation really put into words why I am willing to perform negative works.
The positive is all well and good. Everyone is happy with love, success, healing, growth, and the like. Generally, people will seek out this kind of work and people who practice are more than happy to carry it out. I love helping people move forward, improve their lives and situations, and find balance and comfort. I’m always so happy when I hear that the desired results have come to pass. It makes me feel full.
Then we come to the negative works. A lot of workers won’t do them based on their tradition or beliefs which is good because it is true to who and where they are in their lives.
Positive and negative are judgments, extremes on a spectrum. If you put too much weight on one end, the other will rise. You can’t have either, or.
One question:
Don’t you believe that the energy will come back on you since you’re putting your energy into the work?
I’m performing the work on behalf of the client and am a conduit for the energy. I don’t use my own energy, but I do direct energy. If the client wants something negative done, like breaking up a marriage, I talk to them about what they want, their reasoning, and what other options there are. Ultimately, it is their lesson to learn, and the path can take a number of directions. I see it as the client’s free will directing their life lessons and journey. The “target” person still ultimately has free will, and while the energy is changed, altered, and directed and the outcome comes to pass, the possible resulting fall out can be a lesson to the client. Things will ultimately balance themselves out.
You don’t feel bad or guilty doing things like that?
I see my work as a means to an end. In another conversation, I was told that I’m a resource and people need options like the work I offer. I’m just the avenue being used. Sometimes these works show people truth about themselves, how their own desires affect not only them but the people they are connected to.
If someone comes to me and confesses a secret to me, tells me something they’ve done or are doing that would usually be frowned upon, I listen without judgment. I give then guidance, options, support. If they want a negative work done, that is part of their will. After going through options, I’ll perform the work they request without judgment or fear because the spirit balances everything out in the end. When all is said and done, things flow as they should.
When I look at how my path has evolved, I see that my clients teach me things about myself just as much as I teach them. Years ago, I was very much part of the love and light crowd. “Everything must be light. Gratitude and happiness are the only way.” Then I couldn’t do it anymore. Things dropped off. Too much trying to be light wasn’t my true path, the scale tipped and I hit the other extreme. Not in my work, but in myself. Things had to creep back out, I slowly made my way to the middle ground. I’m in the center of things now. Just like life, situations and interactions are neither good nor bad, my work is neither positive or negative, good or bad. It all just is. It exists to open eyes, bring balance, and ultimately teach people about themselves. I am their mirror, their voice, their means to an end.
I walk in the middle, between worlds, between extremes. I may dip from side to side in my work but walk that crossroad. Some people may judge the negative, saying they would never do that. They may judge me. They have their place and I have mine. I honor and respect my clients and offer only my support.

True power doesn’t come from fighting the darkness. It comes from realizing it is part of us all.
~ a message from the ancestors


Magickal Monday: Pine

Today is magickal Monday. This week, I’ll be talking about the magical properties and uses of pine.

Usually when I think of pine I think of winter celebrations, but today during a summer heatwave the spirits told me to talk about pine. It hadn’t even come to me as I burned white pine resin this morning and put black pine on my feet. I flipped open one of my books and there he was as I asked which plant to write about.

Pine is used in magick for healing, spiritual cleansing, protection, money, fertility, and exorcism (driving out spirits and negative energy). He also has a strong grounding aspect.

To draw money to you, burn the needles or add then to a money gris gris. Think about the label “evergreen” and the association to prosperity. Add pine needles to a cleansing bath or burn white pine resin for personal cleansing or blessing. The scent of the resin is very grounding and can bring you to center and peace. To drive out spirits or cleanse negativity, burn pine needles and resin and for added strength add camphor. This can also be done to reverse and send back spells. You can carry pinecones as a talisman for fertility.

Pine’s uses:

• Healing
• Spiritual cleansing
• Protection
• Money
• Fertility
• Exorcism (driving out spirits or negative energy)
• Grounding and centering

When you think of the magical properties of pine, think of purification, healing and protection. Pine can be a shield for strength, and a strong cleanser. Picture the pines and how they are always awake and green, vigilant and strong, protecting the forest. Pine plays a big role in my cleansing and protective work.


Magickal Mugwort

Today is magickal Monday, where I’ll be talking about the properties and uses of mugwort. Mugwort is very common in my area and I walk through the fields almost daily. Her scientific name is artemisia vulgaris and she grows in a variety of areas including wetlands and river banks. Mugwort is used in magick for cleansing and purifying baths and smudges, as well as for psychic work, dream work, and protection. Sleeping on a pillow stuffed with mugwort will enhance dreams and burning or smoking mugwort can be used to enhance divination and psychic work, as well as for calling in spirits. Mugwort tincture raises mood and brings about relaxation and the essential oil is used for moving energy. When you think of mugwort, think of flow and movement. You can see this movement if you watch the way she dances in the wind as a plant in her natural habitat.

Mugwort has her place in spells that require movement and I have found her useful for facilitating communication and bringing strength. I work with her quite often in my divination work since she thins the veil to the unseen world.


Messages and Signs

Today I went for one of my walks. It’s been about a week. I’ve been busy, tired, or both. You already know about my considering dropping on of my work lines. I had asked for my new guide, an ancestor in roots, to talk to me. He had told me he is here to guide my hand. I have others who walk with me and I asked for their input, too. I walked my regular path through the wetlands and I found a large portion of a rabbit carcass. My first thought was that it was a gift. The spine was beautiful and exposed, the back legs and feet whole, and one front leg, bone exposed from the clavicle down but foot intact with fur. I was thinking about how I’d come back later in the day with my gloves and bags to pick it up. My walk wasn’t as long as usual, but it was nice to be in the green, the sun, the fresh air. My hawk was flying overhead like always. That’s when they told me to think about the rabbit. Fast, moving, but lying there picked apart with bones exposed. After enjoying the flowers and a change to the pine grove I found the dragonfly who sat on my hand. Ancestors, wisdom, spirit, dreams. I turned around at the fallen tree and on my way back, not far from the rabbit, I met the turtle. He sat relaxing in the sun. Slow, nowhere he needed to be, facing the long grass to hide away if he needed to. I walked home, packed bags and gloves in the car and went to my meeting. On the way home I went to pick up the carcass. As I came to the path there was a baby bunny eating mugwort. Further down the path, two more little bunnies happing around. I walked and looked for the carcass. I found the fur. I scanned the ground. The spine was gone, back legs gone. All that was left was that one leg, clavicle to foot. I was annoyed. I wanted the spine. I put the leg in my huge bag and walked back to my car hearing, “that’s all you need.” The clavicle and upper leg will probably make it into my set once I clean them. I’m processing the foot to make into a charm. It’s all I need, because the message was sent. Too much rushing, running, is a dead end leaving you exposed and torn apart. Listen to those that walk with you, see the magic, hear what is around you. Take the time, be slow, take time to retreat if you need to. This leads to a rebirth, abundance, inspiration. Live and eat that inspiration. That’s all you need.


Let’s Talk About Free Will

Free will is a wonderful thing. It gives you control over your own life. It opens you to opportunities, gives you room for growth, and opens your energies to change and movement. You are never stuck in place. You always have a choice.

Imagine your life if free will didn’t exist. Everything would be futile. Hope and motivation, creativity and flow would be dreams. You would be a slave to a predetermined timeline. There would be no learning experiences, no advancement, and no true joy.

While we do have a deeper reason for being here and themes that flow trough our lives, our ability to make choices and change direction plays a huge role in our lives.

I’ve found that some people will approach their readings with an idea of absolutes. “Will (insert outcome) happen? How long will it take?” While I can give a possible outcome, there is always free will. Think of how many choices you make on a daily basis, big and small. Even what seems like something tiny and mundane can have a huge impact on the direction of the timeline.

One example that comes up very often is “when will I meet someone and start a romantic relationship?” While I do use time markers and can give a possible timeframe, there are a lot of energies involved in the process of meeting someone and no guarantee that person will be the best person for a long term involvement. Things will come up based on unresolved issues, past and current choices, beliefs, and energetic expression. I guide my client through these concepts and give concrete actions to take. Sometimes the client is not open to the work that may need to be done; they believe in free will, but only on their own terms. They can be so attached to a specific person or outcome, that they can’t see the magical opportunity that comes from the power of thought and choice. This makes for a difficult session.

A  true reading isn’t a fortune-telling session where you are told a definite future outcome. Nothing is ever set in stone. I encourage you to approach readings as a vehicle to the outcome, not the outcome itself.  You are a fountain of potential. Be open to the flow.


Energetic Overview Week of 9/25/17

This week’s energies are very divisive, angry, and anxious. There is a social battleground. Mob mentality. True beliefs and thought patterns are being burned in the moments of misguided passion, rather than being allowed to come to the surface. The whole of the frenzy of emotion that has been rising has made itself known on our physical plane. The message here is simple, but not easy for many right now. Look into your own heart to see what is right. Don’t let yourself get caught up in petty battles. Weigh how different ideas and beliefs feel energetically. This is not a time for blame or self-righteousness. Right now is the point in time when we can come together for the collective good, or be blinded and consumed by falsities. Clarity comes when hearts and minds are open, Achieving this clarity may be difficult, but deep down we all know that it is needed, and how to get there.


Energetic Overview Week of 9/18/2017

This week’s update is short and to the point. The key word is balance. Friday is the equinox, which brings balance to the forefront.

The surrounding energies are of contemplation. What dark, shadow aspects and beliefs might you be avoiding? These forces are very important and stand as obstacles to your growth. It is time to fully embody the shadow in order to free yourself and come into balance with the light. We are entering the dark part of the year, which makes our own demons and lower energy patterns more prevalent, but only if we try to fight them. Sometimes the best way to let something go is just to let it be. This leads us to a new cycle of thoughts, learning, and emergence. The Empress is nurturing, and also a threshold. What do you need to do to nurture yourself and those around you?

Through nurturing and loving the things that scare you, the things that need to be forgiven and released, even engaging in the simple self care that becomes so easy to push aside, you can move through the doorway in a symbolic rebirth on the middle path of centered balance. A door can let things in or out depending on the position, or act as an open threshold to the continuous dance which creates the place of balance. When you are in the state of balance you are more open to the inspiration being birthed through your subconscious mind. This is the inspiration that guides you on your path and lets you know that things are just as they should be at this moment in time, but also that nothing is ever set in stone and each moment is just as perfect as the one after, the deliberate yet often unrecognized journey.


Energetic Overview Week of 9/11/2017

Tension, grief, and fears are running high between the continuing hurricanes and fires, and the anniversary of the world trade center. The heaviness and anxiety is palpable to many people. Even those who do not feel it are affected. There is a constant feeling of being “on edge” and without taking time to breathe and center, it is very easy to fall and be set off by trivial things. We are well underway in this fear cycle. Concern seems to be coming from the lower energies of fear and anxiety rather than the perspective of “what can I do to help.” There is a marriage between our collective thought patterns and our fears, worry, and anger. This marriage is happening in the realm of pure spirit energy, which makes it both very powerful and very malleable. As the energies are sent out, they are filtering back in to drive our own thoughts and emotions. Take a minute to stop. Be without thinking. Find a way to shift and quiet the heaviness, anxiety, whatever feelings you have right now. Bring them to gratitude, kindness, and a true desire to help. Then take action. These energies are there waiting in the wings, ready to have a steamy affair with the realm of our thoughts.  Help them along by concentration on positive actions you can take in any aspect of your life.


Energetic Overview SPECIAL EDITION 9/8/2017

The words “master of disaster” keep coming to me.

Everyone seems to be feeling the effects of the chaotic and destructive energies that are happening right now. Fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes are running rampant, the social and political climate are full of strife, and even individual relationships and emotions are being weighed down and torn apart.
This is what is being flung at us by mainstream media and what is filling our feeds on social media. The fear is beginning to take on a life of its own. Even with the words and images of compassion and selflessness that lay scattered among the chaos, energies right now are out of control. I decided to do an extra reading this week focusing on the natural disasters and chaotic energies.
Let’s jump in.
The big message here is to just chill out. Everything is very tense energetically and we all need to just do the hardest thing possible. We need to give up our need to control. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to prepare or evacuate if you are in the path of a storm; this does not mean to go outside for extended periods of time if you have been warned to stay inside due to air quality. What it means is to do what you can to ensure your safety and the safety of others, but don’t get caught in the final outcome of the situation.
Mamma is giving us the ultimate wake up call and exercise in awareness.
Right now all of the fire, passion, and fight are making themselves known, but the positive aspects of this are courage, strength, and confidence. We sit in a very powerful place. Energetically, the left side receives and the right side sends out. On our left in the eyes of chaos is anarchy and destruction, but the same cards can also mean creativity, sensitivity, and movement. This is where we need to give up the need to control that which is out of our control and start focusing on what is within our means. On our right is understanding and the power of creation. We are at the tipping point- what type of world do we want to live in? How can we act in a positive way? We are sitting on the fulcrum and which way we go depends on our thoughts and actions as a whole.
From an individual standpoint, all the way out to society in general we are at an emotional standstill. It is a beginning point in a new cycle, but it is like we are holding our collective breath, afraid of what will happen next. Let go. Breathe. Pay attention to how you are perceiving and integrating the information you are given, the thoughts and feelings you have. Perception is everything; our perception is our reality. Fear and the need to control is the prison of our own making.
A time of reflection and understanding is coming. This doesn’t mean agreement, peace, and a la la land type of utopia. It means a time where we can be calm and respond rather than react, start working together, and see beyond the great divide that we are being fed daily. When something is destroyed, there are two choices: to ruminate over what was lost or to create something new. We need to be collective in this creation.
A time if balance is on the horizon, waiting to be fully realized on the earthly plane.
Which side are you feeding?