Energetic Overview SPECIAL EDITION 9/8/2017

The words “master of disaster” keep coming to me.

Everyone seems to be feeling the effects of the chaotic and destructive energies that are happening right now. Fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes are running rampant, the social and political climate are full of strife, and even individual relationships and emotions are being weighed down and torn apart.
This is what is being flung at us by mainstream media and what is filling our feeds on social media. The fear is beginning to take on a life of its own. Even with the words and images of compassion and selflessness that lay scattered among the chaos, energies right now are out of control. I decided to do an extra reading this week focusing on the natural disasters and chaotic energies.
Let’s jump in.
The big message here is to just chill out. Everything is very tense energetically and we all need to just do the hardest thing possible. We need to give up our need to control. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to prepare or evacuate if you are in the path of a storm; this does not mean to go outside for extended periods of time if you have been warned to stay inside due to air quality. What it means is to do what you can to ensure your safety and the safety of others, but don’t get caught in the final outcome of the situation.
Mamma is giving us the ultimate wake up call and exercise in awareness.
Right now all of the fire, passion, and fight are making themselves known, but the positive aspects of this are courage, strength, and confidence. We sit in a very powerful place. Energetically, the left side receives and the right side sends out. On our left in the eyes of chaos is anarchy and destruction, but the same cards can also mean creativity, sensitivity, and movement. This is where we need to give up the need to control that which is out of our control and start focusing on what is within our means. On our right is understanding and the power of creation. We are at the tipping point- what type of world do we want to live in? How can we act in a positive way? We are sitting on the fulcrum and which way we go depends on our thoughts and actions as a whole.
From an individual standpoint, all the way out to society in general we are at an emotional standstill. It is a beginning point in a new cycle, but it is like we are holding our collective breath, afraid of what will happen next. Let go. Breathe. Pay attention to how you are perceiving and integrating the information you are given, the thoughts and feelings you have. Perception is everything; our perception is our reality. Fear and the need to control is the prison of our own making.
A time of reflection and understanding is coming. This doesn’t mean agreement, peace, and a la la land type of utopia. It means a time where we can be calm and respond rather than react, start working together, and see beyond the great divide that we are being fed daily. When something is destroyed, there are two choices: to ruminate over what was lost or to create something new. We need to be collective in this creation.
A time if balance is on the horizon, waiting to be fully realized on the earthly plane.
Which side are you feeding?


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