Energetic Overview Week of 9/11/2017

Tension, grief, and fears are running high between the continuing hurricanes and fires, and the anniversary of the world trade center. The heaviness and anxiety is palpable to many people. Even those who do not feel it are affected. There is a constant feeling of being “on edge” and without taking time to breathe and center, it is very easy to fall and be set off by trivial things. We are well underway in this fear cycle. Concern seems to be coming from the lower energies of fear and anxiety rather than the perspective of “what can I do to help.” There is a marriage between our collective thought patterns and our fears, worry, and anger. This marriage is happening in the realm of pure spirit energy, which makes it both very powerful and very malleable. As the energies are sent out, they are filtering back in to drive our own thoughts and emotions. Take a minute to stop. Be without thinking. Find a way to shift and quiet the heaviness, anxiety, whatever feelings you have right now. Bring them to gratitude, kindness, and a true desire to help. Then take action. These energies are there waiting in the wings, ready to have a steamy affair with the realm of our thoughts.  Help them along by concentration on positive actions you can take in any aspect of your life.

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