Energetic Overview Week of 9/18/2017

This week’s update is short and to the point. The key word is balance. Friday is the equinox, which brings balance to the forefront.

The surrounding energies are of contemplation. What dark, shadow aspects and beliefs might you be avoiding? These forces are very important and stand as obstacles to your growth. It is time to fully embody the shadow in order to free yourself and come into balance with the light. We are entering the dark part of the year, which makes our own demons and lower energy patterns more prevalent, but only if we try to fight them. Sometimes the best way to let something go is just to let it be. This leads us to a new cycle of thoughts, learning, and emergence. The Empress is nurturing, and also a threshold. What do you need to do to nurture yourself and those around you?

Through nurturing and loving the things that scare you, the things that need to be forgiven and released, even engaging in the simple self care that becomes so easy to push aside, you can move through the doorway in a symbolic rebirth on the middle path of centered balance. A door can let things in or out depending on the position, or act as an open threshold to the continuous dance which creates the place of balance. When you are in the state of balance you are more open to the inspiration being birthed through your subconscious mind. This is the inspiration that guides you on your path and lets you know that things are just as they should be at this moment in time, but also that nothing is ever set in stone and each moment is just as perfect as the one after, the deliberate yet often unrecognized journey.

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