Energetic Overview Week of 9/25/17

This week’s energies are very divisive, angry, and anxious. There is a social battleground. Mob mentality. True beliefs and thought patterns are being burned in the moments of misguided passion, rather than being allowed to come to the surface. The whole of the frenzy of emotion that has been rising has made itself known on our physical plane. The message here is simple, but not easy for many right now. Look into your own heart to see what is right. Don’t let yourself get caught up in petty battles. Weigh how different ideas and beliefs feel energetically. This is not a time for blame or self-righteousness. Right now is the point in time when we can come together for the collective good, or be blinded and consumed by falsities. Clarity comes when hearts and minds are open, Achieving this clarity may be difficult, but deep down we all know that it is needed, and how to get there.

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