Magickal Monday: My Philosophy on Magickal Work

I was talking about my work this past weekend and the conversation brought words and thoughts to my head, creating an image of my philosophy about my place and my magick. Lately, I’ve been asked to do a lot of workings, some “positive” but many “negative.” I was sharing what work I’m doing on behalf of clients and I was met with some questions and responses that really brought out my philosophy. The conversation really put into words why I am willing to perform negative works.
The positive is all well and good. Everyone is happy with love, success, healing, growth, and the like. Generally, people will seek out this kind of work and people who practice are more than happy to carry it out. I love helping people move forward, improve their lives and situations, and find balance and comfort. I’m always so happy when I hear that the desired results have come to pass. It makes me feel full.
Then we come to the negative works. A lot of workers won’t do them based on their tradition or beliefs which is good because it is true to who and where they are in their lives.
Positive and negative are judgments, extremes on a spectrum. If you put too much weight on one end, the other will rise. You can’t have either, or.
One question:
Don’t you believe that the energy will come back on you since you’re putting your energy into the work?
I’m performing the work on behalf of the client and am a conduit for the energy. I don’t use my own energy, but I do direct energy. If the client wants something negative done, like breaking up a marriage, I talk to them about what they want, their reasoning, and what other options there are. Ultimately, it is their lesson to learn, and the path can take a number of directions. I see it as the client’s free will directing their life lessons and journey. The “target” person still ultimately has free will, and while the energy is changed, altered, and directed and the outcome comes to pass, the possible resulting fall out can be a lesson to the client. Things will ultimately balance themselves out.
You don’t feel bad or guilty doing things like that?
I see my work as a means to an end. In another conversation, I was told that I’m a resource and people need options like the work I offer. I’m just the avenue being used. Sometimes these works show people truth about themselves, how their own desires affect not only them but the people they are connected to.
If someone comes to me and confesses a secret to me, tells me something they’ve done or are doing that would usually be frowned upon, I listen without judgment. I give then guidance, options, support. If they want a negative work done, that is part of their will. After going through options, I’ll perform the work they request without judgment or fear because the spirit balances everything out in the end. When all is said and done, things flow as they should.
When I look at how my path has evolved, I see that my clients teach me things about myself just as much as I teach them. Years ago, I was very much part of the love and light crowd. “Everything must be light. Gratitude and happiness are the only way.” Then I couldn’t do it anymore. Things dropped off. Too much trying to be light wasn’t my true path, the scale tipped and I hit the other extreme. Not in my work, but in myself. Things had to creep back out, I slowly made my way to the middle ground. I’m in the center of things now. Just like life, situations and interactions are neither good nor bad, my work is neither positive or negative, good or bad. It all just is. It exists to open eyes, bring balance, and ultimately teach people about themselves. I am their mirror, their voice, their means to an end.
I walk in the middle, between worlds, between extremes. I may dip from side to side in my work but walk that crossroad. Some people may judge the negative, saying they would never do that. They may judge me. They have their place and I have mine. I honor and respect my clients and offer only my support.

True power doesn’t come from fighting the darkness. It comes from realizing it is part of us all.
~ a message from the ancestors

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