Meet Indawo

Thokoza (greetings)! My name is Evernia Fay, also known as Makhosi Indawo Yamathuna Mathambo in the Sangoma tradition, but you can call me Indawo.

I am here to offer you deep insight into your life and healing where you need it most. Through the use of tarot cards, bones, curios, and ancestral trinkets that hold deep meaning for me, I receive direct messages from ancestral guides and spirits that bring guidance and instructions for your healing. In addition to these readings, I offer counseling, spiritual cleansings, energy healings, herbal remedies, workshops, and private or group ceremonies.

A naturally born psychic and medium, I am also trained and certified in numerous healing modalities that I will use in combination during our sessions together. I am a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Initiated Witch in a closed occult order, and an ordained Metaphysical Minister. Currently, I am an apprentice of Sangoma , an ancient South African shamanic tradition, on an initiation journey to awaken as Sangoma, a calling that has been waiting for me to answer all my life.

Experiencing my first spirit visitation at age 3, my connection to spirit has always been strong. As a child, I loved to spend time in nature, working with animals, plants, and trees creating magick. I was constantly connected to the dreamworld, hearing guidance from spirit and intuitively creating rituals and medicines even before I knew what they were. I picked up my first deck of tarot cards at age 14, and the rest is a story of feeling like a weirdo, but intuitively listening anyway, years of study, and following the light. And I’m so glad I did.

So where do the bones come in? I had always collected small taxidermy bones, stones, and little trinkets that I would place on my Ancestral altar. Each one had meaning to me; where I found it, who previously owned it, or it inspired a sweet or harsh memory for me. One day, I heard messages from my spiritual guides to “use the bones” but I had no idea what they meant. I followed their instructions anyway and began “throwing bones” on top of tarot card spreads during readings. The information I was receiving from spirit was clearer than ever, and clients were receiving messages they felt were profoundly accurate and impactful for the answers they were seeking.

What answers are you seeking? How can our ancestors and spirit guides offer you support right now? Let me help you connect and find the healing you’re looking for. Book a session today.