Disclaimers and Policies


– Readings are a means to bring clarity and insight into your situation. While you will be presented with possible outcomes, I DO NOT predict the future or claim to do so. Future is not set in stone, but changeable due to free will. I also do not offer legal or financial advice. Ultimately, your future is in your hands.
– Energy therapy and Spirit Guidance are not recommended to replace care from licensed medical or psychiatric doctors; they are both complimentary practices. While energy therapy can help to relieve and alleviate symptoms of physical and emotional discord, it should not be used as a primary source of medical or mental health care. The effects of energetic healing are still very much under scrutiny of the medical community, and Evie does not make any promise regarding health/mental improvements resulting from energy therapy. Likewise, spiritual guidance and insight can help a person grow, heal, and manage stress and tension in life, but it is not a replacement for treatment for serious mental illnesses or depression.
–Spellwork is in practice a manipulation of energies performed in such a way as to achieve a desired outcome. The path the energies take (string of events leading to the outcome) and the outcome itself cannot be determined due to external factors including free will. The result may be what you asked for, but not under the energetic conditions you expected.


Cancelling a Session
Sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
Sessions cancelled more than 24 hours in advance will be eligible to be
rescheduled. Missed appointments that are not cancelled or rescheduled in
time will be charged or noted as regular sessions.

If you contact Evie within 15 minutes after the start time of a session, the
session will carry on as scheduled. The end time will not be affected by your tardiness. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment
without notifying Evie within 12 hours prior, your session will be
cancelled and you will not be allowed to schedule a make-up time.

Payment should be made in advance through Paypal (you can make credit
card payments through Paypal and no Paypal account is required).
If meeting in person payment can be made at the start of the session.
Payment is due within 2 days of receipt of the invoice, or at least 48 hours
prior to the date of your scheduled session.

No refunds will be given after services have been performed. Fees are for time spent as well as services rendered.