Energetic Overview Week of 8/7/2017

This week starts off with intense energies. The full moon in Aquarius is tonight; it is also a lunar eclipse. While the full moon is a time to send out energies of manifestation, this is also an introspective moon. The cards for this week have a strong message. You are at the tipping point of the next level of inspiration, passion, and completeness within yourself. The words that come with this doorway are “That which you seek, you already are.” You know deep down what it will take to move closer to your truth and personal power. The moon brings this to light. You have to be willing to let go of the people, relationships, and situations that aren’t in your best interest. Make lists of these aspects of your life. Write stories to match, both as they are now and as you would like them to be. What is different between the two? What can you let go of or change to move closer to where you want to be? When you bring understanding to the present situations where you feel stuck, and really work on what needs to change, you will find yourself more fully present. There is no use mulling over the things that bother you. Either you change them or integrate them into the flow of your life. Once you get to this place of peace and balance, and allow things to change, your potential to create the you and the life that you desire will appear.

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