Divination, Spirit Work, Magick

Explore your life

Investigate pathways and outcomes

Discover answers, actions, and solutions

With Inspired Guidance from the Spirit World, Evernia will help you uncover pathways to understanding, drawing a deep and meaningful answer to the questions you bring to your reading. Sometimes surprise information may come up, so you need to be open to what you hear. Don’t deny something because it seems difficult or isn’t what you want to hear. Sometimes obstacles are opportunities in disguise. People and situations do not happen to us. They happen for us to learn and evolve into the best and most complete version of ourselves. This results in fulfillment and happiness.

Evernia will help you gain insight about your life and situation, resolve worry, find direction and consider various outcomes. Some readings will answer questions and bring validation, others will become counseling sessions. This depends on you and on the direction of the energy. Evernia doesn’t tell you your future but opens you to possible outcomes. The future is not static; it changes with each choice we make.

Evernia can also call through guides and deceased loved ones who have messages for you; Evernia can help to open and progress the relationships or provide comfort and closure.