As I was driving yesterday, I passed by an area that used to be gorgeously alive. The whole area of forest was cleared because someone determined that the road needed to be straight instead of curved. Huge areas of open space in my town are being cleared for massive condominium complexes. Everything seems to revolve around building and consumption. We are rapidly killing the wild. We are being conditioned to see this death as progress.

The wild is a part of us. As it is destroyed in the environment, it is pulled from our consciousness and energy. We are being depleted and closed off. The wild is being caged in favor of structure. Connection and creativity, inspiration and the ability to truly feel the life that surrounds us is being lost. The whispers of the ancestors are strong for those who are willing to sit for even a minute and listen.

Sit in the quiet and close your eyes. Let your body feed on fresh air and the sun. Breathe in the air of the different seasons and reconnect. Let your wild be awakened and follow it without question or fear.

Do you remember what awakens your wild?

Can you feel the aliveness and inspiration?

What can you do to connect with your wild, even for five minutes today?

How can you kiss your wild each day?

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