Let’s Talk About Free Will

Free will is a wonderful thing. It gives you control over your own life. It opens you to opportunities, gives you room for growth, and opens your energies to change and movement. You are never stuck in place. You always have a choice.

Imagine your life if free will didn’t exist. Everything would be futile. Hope and motivation, creativity and flow would be dreams. You would be a slave to a predetermined timeline. There would be no learning experiences, no advancement, and no true joy.

While we do have a deeper reason for being here and themes that flow trough our lives, our ability to make choices and change direction plays a huge role in our lives.

I’ve found that some people will approach their readings with an idea of absolutes. “Will (insert outcome) happen? How long will it take?” While I can give a possible outcome, there is always free will. Think of how many choices you make on a daily basis, big and small. Even what seems like something tiny and mundane can have a huge impact on the direction of the timeline.

One example that comes up very often is “when will I meet someone and start a romantic relationship?” While I do use time markers and can give a possible timeframe, there are a lot of energies involved in the process of meeting someone and no guarantee that person will be the best person for a long term involvement. Things will come up based on unresolved issues, past and current choices, beliefs, and energetic expression. I guide my client through these concepts and give concrete actions to take. Sometimes the client is not open to the work that may need to be done; they believe in free will, but only on their own terms. They can be so attached to a specific person or outcome, that they can’t see the magical opportunity that comes from the power of thought and choice. This makes for a difficult session.

A  true reading isn’t a fortune-telling session where you are told a definite future outcome. Nothing is ever set in stone. I encourage you to approach readings as a vehicle to the outcome, not the outcome itself.  You are a fountain of potential. Be open to the flow.

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