Magickal Monday: Pine

Today is magickal Monday. This week, I’ll be talking about the magical properties and uses of pine.

Usually when I think of pine I think of winter celebrations, but today during a summer heatwave the spirits told me to talk about pine. It hadn’t even come to me as I burned white pine resin this morning and put black pine on my feet. I flipped open one of my books and there he was as I asked which plant to write about.

Pine is used in magick for healing, spiritual cleansing, protection, money, fertility, and exorcism (driving out spirits and negative energy). He also has a strong grounding aspect.

To draw money to you, burn the needles or add then to a money gris gris. Think about the label “evergreen” and the association to prosperity. Add pine needles to a cleansing bath or burn white pine resin for personal cleansing or blessing. The scent of the resin is very grounding and can bring you to center and peace. To drive out spirits or cleanse negativity, burn pine needles and resin and for added strength add camphor. This can also be done to reverse and send back spells. You can carry pinecones as a talisman for fertility.

Pine’s uses:

• Healing
• Spiritual cleansing
• Protection
• Money
• Fertility
• Exorcism (driving out spirits or negative energy)
• Grounding and centering

When you think of the magical properties of pine, think of purification, healing and protection. Pine can be a shield for strength, and a strong cleanser. Picture the pines and how they are always awake and green, vigilant and strong, protecting the forest. Pine plays a big role in my cleansing and protective work.

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