Today is magickal Monday, where I’ll be talking about the properties and uses of mugwort. Mugwort is very common in my area and I walk through the fields almost daily. Her scientific name is artemisia vulgaris and she grows in a variety of areas including wetlands and river banks. Mugwort is used in magick for cleansing and purifying baths and smudges, as well as for psychic work, dream work, and protection. Sleeping on a pillow stuffed with mugwort will enhance dreams and burning or smoking mugwort can be used to enhance divination and psychic work, as well as for calling in spirits. Mugwort tincture raises mood and brings about relaxation and the essential oil is used for moving energy. When you think of mugwort, think of flow and movement. You can see this movement if you watch the way she dances in the wind as a plant in her natural habitat.

Mugwort has her place in spells that require movement and I have found her useful for facilitating communication and bringing strength. I work with her quite often in my divination work since she thins the veil to the unseen world.

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