Today I went for one of my walks. It’s been about a week. I’ve been busy, tired, or both. You already know about my considering dropping on of my work lines. I had asked for my new guide, an ancestor in roots, to talk to me. He had told me he is here to guide my hand. I have others who walk with me and I asked for their input, too. I walked my regular path through the wetlands and I found a large portion of a rabbit carcass. My first thought was that it was a gift. The spine was beautiful and exposed, the back legs and feet whole, and one front leg, bone exposed from the clavicle down but foot intact with fur. I was thinking about how I’d come back later in the day with my gloves and bags to pick it up. My walk wasn’t as long as usual, but it was nice to be in the green, the sun, the fresh air. My hawk was flying overhead like always. That’s when they told me to think about the rabbit. Fast, moving, but lying there picked apart with bones exposed. After enjoying the flowers and a change to the pine grove I found the dragonfly who sat on my hand. Ancestors, wisdom, spirit, dreams. I turned around at the fallen tree and on my way back, not far from the rabbit, I met the turtle. He sat relaxing in the sun. Slow, nowhere he needed to be, facing the long grass to hide away if he needed to. I walked home, packed bags and gloves in the car and went to my meeting. On the way home I went to pick up the carcass. As I came to the path there was a baby bunny eating mugwort. Further down the path, two more little bunnies happing around. I walked and looked for the carcass. I found the fur. I scanned the ground. The spine was gone, back legs gone. All that was left was that one leg, clavicle to foot. I was annoyed. I wanted the spine. I put the leg in my huge bag and walked back to my car hearing, “that’s all you need.” The clavicle and upper leg will probably make it into my set once I clean them. I’m processing the foot to make into a charm. It’s all I need, because the message was sent. Too much rushing, running, is a dead end leaving you exposed and torn apart. Listen to those that walk with you, see the magic, hear what is around you. Take the time, be slow, take time to retreat if you need to. This leads to a rebirth, abundance, inspiration. Live and eat that inspiration. That’s all you need.

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