I missed Magickal Monday this week due to a ton of craziness. I moved into my own space so I can work with more people face to face and had a bunch of unexpected crap flung my way in the process. The biggest obstacle was thrown at me yesterday when I woke up to a painful and swollen hand. I’m right handed, and my right hand was barely useable. I had to try doing everything with my left hand.  I started with making my coffee. There is a lot more thinking and maneuvering involved using the opposite and untrained hand. Something easily done on a regular day took focus and concentration. Even getting dressed was a hassle. I went to the doctor (I rarely go to doctors and generally avoid them at all costs.) I found out that I have a fracture in my thumb, right at the joint. Now I have a cast on my hand. Getting anything done is a process, trying to figure out how to accomplish my task either with my left hand or using only my index and middle fingers. It gets frustrating and sometimes painful on my wrist.

This morning when I was doing my morning ritual work, psalms, and ancestral altars the catbird sat outside my window and started making the usual loud mewling squawk. The catbird has been following me everywhere lately. This particular one waits for me in the bushes every day. As I came to one particular altar the bird screeched and I heard, “you got it yet, Honey?” This was as I was trying to figure out how to maneuver a glass and a plate. I stopped for a minute.

Yup, I got it. Sometimes it’s too easy to get stuck on autopilot and do everything, whether mundane or important, in some version of a half-assed, glassy-eyed way while trying to juggle the chaos that could actually be sorted. When you even have to relearn how to brush your teeth, focus is essential. Every action becomes a thought process. You choose your focus, it’s one thing at a time. Solutions that you would never even think of start popping up and you realize that more can be done with two fingers than can be done with two working hands.

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