Open Reading Days

Open Reading days are May 27-29. During this time, 30 minute readings are $55 for 30 minutes (regularly $75.)


Thokoza (greetings)! My name is Evernia Fay, also known as Makhosi  Indawo Yamathuna Mathambo in the Sangoma tradition, but you can call me Indawo.

I am here to offer you deep insight into your life and healing where you need it most. Through the use of tarot cards, bones, curios, and ancestral trinkets that hold deep meaning for me, I receive direct messages from ancestral guides and spirits that bring guidance and instructions for your healing.

What is Bone Throwing?

“Bone throwing” or “bone casting” is an ancient form of divination that uses animal bones, nuts, shells, and curios such as dice, beads, or trinkets, collectively known as “bones,” where a reader, or initiated healer, tosses the bones into a circle and then, based on how and where they fall in relation to one another, interprets messages from Spirit and ancestral guides about the sitter (you).

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