With so much talk about new year new you I’m going to focus on something different. Instead of new year new you, how about a new year invitation to who you always have been. We all have this thing, a part of ourselves, a type of presence that we bring with us into this world. That thing, that presence is your calling. Your calling is a part of you. It comes through those who have come before and it comes through the energies and the words the wisdom of the ancestors. It comes through the cells of your body and the blood that flows in your veins. When you answer your calling, you are answering your very being. Sometimes it’s easy to miss your call with so much distraction and activity. Sometimes it’s more comfortable to let yourself block it out rather than unleash the true magic and power within you. It can be so simple that it should be obvious but we end up over looking it. Sometimes it shows it’s face in difficult or painful ways and instead of embracing it the response is to run in the other direction. When you receive and accept your calling it’s easy to see the times was when it was whispered to you in the past, times when you could have accepted it but weren’t quite ready. Many times, it peeks at you throughout childhood, giving little glimpses of what is deep in your being. Your calling is always with you. Feel the pulling of your soul. Listen to the whispers and signs. When you identify your calling when you accept it, the world opens.

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