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Ancestral Wisdom ~ Intuitive HealingEvernia Fay

Bone and Tarot Readings, Spiritual Counseling, Energetic and Spiritual Cleansing, Customized Remedies for Body and Spirit

Your calling is always with you, pulling on your soul. Listen to the whispers and signs. When you identify your calling and choose to accept it, the world opens.

~Indawo yamaThuna Mathambo

Thokoza (greetings)! My name is Evernia Fay, also known as Indawo Yamathuna Mathambo in the Sangoma tradition, but you can call me Indawo.

It is no accident that you’ve arrived here. What are you searching for? Guidance or healing for you or a loved one? General information about me, bone casting or Sangoma practices? Or maybe you’re not quite sure…

Well welcome, you’re in the right place no matter the reason. My name is Evernia Fay, and I practice bone throwing, along with tarot, my deep connection to spirit, and years of magickal studies to relay messages, wisdom, and guidance from our ancestral spirits.

I believe that difficulties in our lives, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical, are messages from our ancestors telling us we’re out of balance in some way. When dealt with properly, these can actually be stages of deep transformation and profound healing.

What is bone throwing?

“Bone throwing” or “bone casting” is an ancient form of divination that uses animal bones, nuts, shells, and curios such as dice, beads, or trinkets, collectively known as “bones,” where a reader, or initiated healer, tosses the bones into a circle and then, based on how and where they fall in relation to one another, interprets messages from Spirit and ancestral guides about the sitter (you).

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